So its been a while, we have been blessed with rain in London over the last few weeks and some intermittent sunshine.

Am going away soon so wont have access to blog when the Football World Cup starts, but am going to be watching more than commentating on it. My choice are Brazil as its their home, they should win it. England have an outside chance but they have a habit of falling flat on their faces; lets see …

SharePoint wise there has been some progress in the POC work I have been doing, guides to follow at some point. Once I have got the bits talking to each other.

Need to spend more time revising for the exam which I keep postponing …

Cricket wise India will be touring the UK soon, cant wait for Dhoni’s boys to win a series here. Last time they toured it was a whitewash. And they were depleted for pretty much 2 years, now they are 5th in the test rankings, who knows about the ODI’s probably 2nd to South Africa.

Health wise I am looking to start cycling and will take my camera with me. (This is where I evangelise about a photo blog … but that requires time and a decent camera currently both are luxuries I cannot afford)

Adios Amigos

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