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SP 2013 is back

How about this then, got a strange error, ‘Youre trial of 2013 has expired’ so went about finding a fix so I can continue on the POC project…


psconfig -cmd secureresources

thanks to the link below;


So its been a while, we have been blessed with rain in London over the last few weeks and some intermittent sunshine.

Am going away soon so wont have access to blog when the Football World Cup starts, but am going to be watching more than commentating on it. My choice are Brazil as its their home, they should win it. England have an outside chance but they have a habit of falling flat on their faces; lets see …

SharePoint wise there has been some progress in the POC work I have been doing, guides to follow at some point. Once I have got the bits talking to each other.

Need to spend more time revising for the exam which I keep postponing …

Cricket wise India will be touring the UK soon, cant wait for Dhoni’s boys to win a series here. Last time they toured it was a whitewash. And they were depleted for pretty much 2 years, now they are 5th in the test rankings, who knows about the ODI’s probably 2nd to South Africa.

Health wise I am looking to start cycling and will take my camera with me. (This is where I evangelise about a photo blog … but that requires time and a decent camera currently both are luxuries I cannot afford)

Adios Amigos

331 exam notes

This post will be updated with details of all the sections I need to review/learn. This will not be a copy of a book but cover the bits I do not know about. This is a long list currently.


1 – Design a SharePoint topology (20%)

  • Design information architecture
    • Design an inter-site navigational taxonomy; design site columns and content types; design keywords, synonyms, best bets and managed properties; plan information management policies; plan managed site structures; plan term sets
  • Design a logical architecture
    • Plan application pools; plan web applications; plan for software boundaries; plan content databases; plan host-header site collections; plan zones and alternate access mapping
  • Design a physical architecture
    • Design a storage architecture; configure basic request management; define individual server requirements; define service topologies; plan server load balancing; plan a network infrastructure
  • Plan a SharePoint Online (Microsoft Office 365) deployment
    • Evaluate service offerings; plan service applications; plan site collections; plan customisations and solutions; plan security for SharePoint Online; plan networking services for SharePoint Online

2 – Plan security (21%)

  • Plan and configure authentication
    • Plan and configure Windows authentication; plan and configure identity federation; configure claims providers; configure site-to-site (S2S) intra-server and OAuth authentication; plan and configure anonymous authentication; configure connections to Access Control Service
  • Plan and configure authorisation
    • Plan and configure SharePoint users and groups; plan and configure People Picker; plan and configure sharing; plan and configure permission inheritance; plan and configure anonymous access; plan web application policies
  • Plan and configure platform security
    • Plan and configure security isolation; plan and configure services lockdown; plan and configure general firewall security; plan and configure antivirus settings; plan and configure certificate management
  • Plan and configure farm-level security
    • Plan rights management; plan and configure delegated farm administration; plan and configure delegated service application administration; plan and configure managed accounts; plan and configure blocked file types; plan and configure web part security


3 – Install and configure SharePoint farms (20%)

  • Plan installation
    • Identify and configure installation prerequisites; implement scripted deployment; implement patch slipstreaming; plan and install language packs; plan and configure service connection points; plan installation tracking and auditing
  • Plan and configure farm-wide settings
    • Configure incoming and outgoing email; plan and configure proxy groups; configure SharePoint Designer settings; plan and configure a corporate catalogue; configure Office Web Apps integration; configure Windows Azure workflow server integration
  • Create and configure enterprise search
    • Plan and configure a search topology; plan and configure content sources; plan and configure crawl schedules; plan and configure crawl rules; plan and configure crawl performance; plan and configure security trimming
  • Create and configure a Managed Metadata Service (MMS) application
    • Configure proxy settings for managed service applications; configure content type hub settings; configure sharing term sets; plan and configure content type propagation schedules; configure custom properties; configure term store permissions
  • Create and configure a User Profile Service (UPA) application
    • Configure a UPA application; set up My Sites and My Site hosts; configure social permissions; plan and configure sync connections; configure profile properties, configure audiences


4 – Create and configure web applications and site collections (19%)

  • Provision and configure web applications
    • Create managed paths; configure HTTP throttling; configure List throttling; configure Alternate Access Mappings (AAM); configure an authentication provider; configure SharePoint Designer settings
  • Create and maintain site collections
    • Configure Host header site collections; configure self-service site creation; maintain site owners; maintain site quotas; configure site policies; configure a team mailbox
  • Manage site and site collection security
    • Manage site access requests; manage App permissions; manage anonymous access; manage permission inheritance; configure permission levels; configure HTML field security
  • Manage search
    • Manage result sources; manage query rules; manage display templates; manage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) settings; manage result types; manage a search schema
  • Manage taxonomy
    • Manage site collection term set access; manage term set navigation; manage topic catalogue pages; configure custom properties; configure search refinement; configure list refinement

5 – Maintain a core SharePoint environment (20%)

  • Monitor a SharePoint environment
    • Define monitoring requirements; configure performance counter capture; configure page performance monitoring; configure usage and health providers; monitor and forecast storage needs
  • Tune and optimise a SharePoint environment
    • Plan and configure SQL optimisation; execute database maintenance rules; plan for capacity software boundaries; estimate storage requirements; plan and configure caching; tune network performance
  • Troubleshoot a SharePoint environment
    • Establish baseline performance; perform client-side tracing; perform server-side tracing; analyse usage data; enable a developer dashboard; analyse diagnostic logs


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So this week has been very hectic, lots of troubleshooting bits, finding bits and fixing bits.

I watched 2 States, a fantastic film that does the book justice. Set in Ahmadabad, Gujarat and Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Both partner and I can relate to a lot of the events shown. A few friends are getting married/have been married recently and they should relate to these too. It explores the dynamics of in laws with attitude. A marriage is all about give and take and being flexible. Some of the characters stick and others are fluid in their attitude. All change with the ‘wave’ of the main two characters and have to eventually support rather than resist the fact that their son/daughter have chosen a partner.

“We have to save ourselves” – quote from another film I recently watched.

That’s all for now folks.

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